Valve Releases Mobile App for Dota Plus Subscribers

Valve Releases Mobile App for Dota Plus Subscribers

Valve has released a mobile app for Dota Plus subscribers that allows users to follow news about competitive scene, make predictions on DPC events and participate in Fantasy Challenge. The app is available on both Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

Main Features:

  • Custom News Feed: users can select their favourite teams and players to get relevant match results, roster changes, and upcoming matches in their feed
  • Predictions: Dota Plus subscribers can wager their shards to predict a winner of any DPC match
  • Fantasy Challenge: build your own team of players that participate in DPC events, win shards depending on their results
  • Tournaments Tab allows you to get detailed info on every DPC event – you can learn about participating teams, event standings and match details
  • Match Details page provides comprehensive information on live games, including picks and bans, minimap, networth graph

Dota Plus is a subscription model introduced last year, available for $3.99 per month. Earlier in January Valve released an update with several Dota Plus improvements, including a revamped user interface, new seasonal quests and unique sets.

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