Articaft: Release Date, Pricing and More

After almost a year after Artifact’s announcement, Valve finally revealed the release date, pricing and additional information on their upcoming trading card game.

Valve issued a press release yesterday, according to which Artifact for the first time will be shown publically at PAX West conference in Seattle (Aug 31 – Sept 3). The attendees of the conference will be able to participate in an Artifact tournament and earт special merchandise and free copies of the game. The game is targeted to be released on Windows, Mac and Linux on November 28th, 2018 and will cost $20 upfront. The mobile versions will become available only in 2019. Later Valve clarified that when you buy the game, you’ll receive two preconstructed decks, each of them consists of 54 cards, including 5 heroes, 9 item cards and 40 other cards, as well as 10 sealed card packs consisting of 12 random cards. One card from a pack is guaranteed to be a rare card. You will be able to buy additional packs for $2 each.

Artifact is a Valve’s trading card game (TCG), that was announced at The International 2017. The game is designed by Richard Garfield, created of Magic: The Gathering.