Classic Wins 2018 AfreecaTV GSL Super Tournament 2

2018 AfreecaTV GSL Super Tournament 2, a StarCraft II event with a $26,500 prize pool, has concluded. In the grand final Classic defeated sOs with the score of 4:3, securing $10,500 in prize money and 1,500 WCS KR points.

The event was held on September 27-30 in Seoul, South Korea. The tournament’s line-up included 16 players from South Korea, two of them – Maru and TY – were directly invited as 2018 GSL Season 3 finalists, while the other 14 players made it through the qualifiers. They competed in a single-elimination bracket, with regular matches being best-of-five and the finals being best-of-seven. On their way to the final sOs defeated KeeN (3:1), Maru (3:1) and Solar (3:2), while Classic outplayed FanTaSy (3:0), Creator (3:2) and Dark (3:2). In the grand final Classic lost the first three games but managed to make a huge comeback and win the following four matches.

Playoffs Bracket:

Tournament Results:

Place $ USD WCS KR Pts Player
1st $10,663 1,500 Classic
2nd $4,443 1,050 sOs
3rd-4th $2,221 675 Solar, Dark
5th-8th $888 450 Maru, Stats, Bunny, Creator
9th-16th $444 225 Rogue, KeeN, Impact, Trap, soO, Leenock, FanTaSy, TY
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