Heroes of the Storm Update: Raynor and Azmodan Reworks

Blizzard have released a new major update for Heroes of the Storm, in which they introduced the long-awaited reworks of Raynor and Azmodan. Additionally, the developers introduced changes to ranked play, namely third ban and rank point decay, as well as slightly changed balance of some heroes. Currently the update is available on the test server, and will become available on the live server on July 9th.

Raynor Rework

Raynor has always been a hero for beginners with the focus on auto attacks. With the newest changes his main damage source is still his auto attacks, but he received some additional utility to his kit, including some wave-clear potential. His trait is no longer simply increases his range – instead Raynor deals splash damage once per four basic attacks. Penetrating Round (Q) now slows the enemies, but the damage of the ability was slightly reduced. Adrenaline Rush (E) is no longer an automatic ability, instead it can be activated anytime. It received an increased cooldown, but you can reduce it by damaging enemies with auto attacks. Raynor’s Raider (R), one of his heroic abilities, also received significant changes – now it summons only one Banshee, but it will last forever until it dies. Raynor’s talent tree got also completely changed, and now includes several quests. Overall, with this update Raynor should feel like a real carry, becoming stronger and stronger towards the later stages of the game.

Azmodan Rework:

For a long time Azmodan has been struggling from one particular problem: investing all his talents in Q made his E worthless, and vice versa, mainly because his E was not limited by time. With this update All Shall Burn (E) has a limited cast time – 2.5s, dealing extra damage at the end of it. Moreover, both his trait and Demon Warrior (W) can now be used during casting his (E). Talking about the summon abilities, they also got changed – General of Hell (D) was renamed to Demon Lieutenant: now the summon has reduced duration, but is better at killing minions. Meanwhile, Demon Warrior (W) now has only one charge, but the summon deals aoe damage. Globe of Annihilation now has a baseline quest, which increases its damage when hitting enemy heroes or killing minions. Both of Azmodan heroics got changed significantly – Black Pool was renamed to Tide of Sin and became a self-buff which simply increases the damage of the next Glove of Annihilation. Demonic Invasion (R2) is now more of an AoE damage ability – the grunts deal damage when explode, their health decays over 8 seconds. On level 20 Azmodan also received a reworked Blink – now he can leap for a short distance, dealing damage and slowing enemies on his way.

Other Changes:

In this update some changes for ranked play were introduced. First, now all draft modes have three bans, with two of them being at the beginning of the match. Second, your rank now decays in course of time if you stay inactive, but it only affects Diamond, Master and Grand Master leagues. You can find full patch notes on the official website of the game.

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