PUBG Update #22: Ranking System, Wheel Menu and Map Selection

PUBG Update #22: Ranking System, Wheel Menu and Map Selection

PUBG Corp. has released yet another major update for their Battle Royale title, which for the first time introduces rankings system to the game, adds wheel menu for throwables, meds and emotes, as well as reintroduces the map selection. Currently the update is available on the test server and will be moved to the live servers early next month.

Rank System

From the sounds of it the PUBG ranking system will work very similar to games like CS:GO and Dota 2 – you earn matchmaking points by playing the game and get a title which corresponds to the amount of earned points. In order you receive your first rank you need to play 10 placement matches. Currently there are eight ranks:

  • Bronze: 1 – 1399 points
  • Silver: 1400 – 1499 points
  • Gold: 1500 – 1599 points
  • Platinum: 1600 – 1699 points
  • Diamond: 1700 – 1799 points
  • Elite: 1800 – 1899 points
  • Master: 1900 – 1999 points
  • Grandmaster: 2000 + points

Wheel Menu

Wheel menu has been added to the game, allowing a more comfortable use of throwables, meds and emotes. The default key bindings are as follows:

  • Throwables: G / F1
  • Heal/booster items: ~ / F2
  • Emotes: F4

Map Selection

Map selection was initially added to the game in April, but later was removed. With this update the feature is back, allowing players to play a map they want without any restrictions. There is also a “Quick Join” function which puts you in the first available game regardless of map.

Other Changes

The update also includes multiple bug fixes and quality-of-live improvements, the main of them are listed below>:

  • Server/region will now be decided automatically depending on the player’s local region. If you group with a player from another region, matchmaking will automatically decide the best region to play on
  • Statistics Page Renewal: improvements for the UI of the Career and Leaderboard screens
  • Skin Trade Up System has been added to the game that allows you to combine ten same-tier items into one next-tier item
  • Improved the client performance by optimizing the creation of character materials

The detailed patch notes can be found on the official Steam page.

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