PUBG Update 26: New Vehicle Zima, Flare Gun, Performance Improvements

PUBG Update 26: New Vehicle Zima, Flare Gun, Performance Improvements

PUBG Corp. has released a new update for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, which is currently available on the Test Server. In this update the developers added two new vehicles for Vikendi, a flair gun that allows you to call in a special care package with either loot of vehicle, as well as introduced multiple performance improvements and bug fixes.

New Vehicle: Zima

Zima replaces UAZ on Vikendi. High durability and good handling on snow compensate its slower speed.

New Vehicle: Snowbike

Snowbike can be found only on Vikendi. Compared to the Snowmobile, it has a higher speed but lower durability. The motorcycle will no longer spawn on the map. Note: this vehicle had been introduced in the previous update, but was removed from the game due to a bug.

New Item: Flare Gun

Flare Gun is a rare item that spawns in the world. It can be used after the initial blue zone to call in a special care package. When used inside the safe zone, the care package will contain lots of loot. When used outside of the safe zone, you will call in an armoured UAZ. The Flare Gun spawn rate is different on each map.

Performance Improvements

  • Optimized character animations to improve performance.
  • Improved the game loading speed by optimizing the character loading process.
  • Improved FPS by optimizing the in-game foliage rendering process.
  • Optimized the hit criteria for Molotov when calculating character’s damage.
  • Optimized certain elements of the HUD UI which were causing decreased performance.

The full list of changes, among which is Rich Presence for Steam and Discord clients, can be found on the official website.

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