Valve’s Auto Chess Game Dota Underlords Released for Battle Pass Owners

Valve are releasing their new stand-alone game Dota Underlords, which heavily inspired by the community created map Dota Auto Chess. The owners of TI9 Battle Pass can participate in a Private Beta which will last for about a week. Then the game will transition to Open Beta and become available for free on Steam (Windows, Mac, Linux), Android and iOS.

The beta version of the game includes ranked matchmaking, cross-play among all devices, progression shared across all devises, and ability to play both versus 7 players or advanced bots. The game also allows playing with friend in a group. During the beta phases the developers will be actively adding new features and gathering users’ feedback to improve the game.

Earlier RIOT Games announced an Auto Chess mode for League of Legends called Teamfight Tactics. The creators of the original map are going to release their own PC version on Epic Games Store.

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